A new dimension in fashion e-commerce

MIXIMALISTE is the first international independent fashion designer e-tailer to bring together fashion, digital technology and a sustainable pre-order business model. It champions design value and quality, while reducing waste and the environmental impact of overproduction through the use of technology.

What makes MIXIMALISTE unique is the combination of 3 major features: “LIVE!” Sessions for each designer pre-order event, 3D CGI content replacing photographic content, and a pre-order business model where cost savings are passed on to customer.

  1. Curated Designer LIVE! Sessions

    MIXIMALISTE brings you each month a small hand picked selection of exclusive capsule collections from coveted designers among the best established and emerging design talents in London, Paris and internationally. We promote the highest design value and a lasting style rather than passing trend. MIXIMALISTE features one or two designers at a time through its dedicated LIVE! Sessions, immersing the customer in the creative universe of each collection.

    MIXIMALISTE.COM is not a comprehensive catalogue of designers and products, you simply browse our featured collections as they arrive, and you can order safe in the knowledge that the quality & price is unbeatable.

  2. Exclusive use of CGI 3D Content

    MIXIMALISTE believes that 3D Content is the future of Fashion. All the content featured on MIXIMALISTE is a physically accurate and photorealistic 3D simulation, using the latest CGI technologies. 3D content is the key to enhancing the entertainment value of shopping as it allows for unlimited creativity as well as innovative interactive and immersive user experiences. Read more

  3. Pre-order business model and pricing

    MIXIMALISTE direct to customer pre-order business model helps drive inventory and distribution cost down, and these savings are passed directly to the customer. Pricing is transparent and MIXIMALSITE uses a 1 (production) + 1 (design) + 1 (distribution) = 3x production costing model which means we half the costs of the traditional wholesale fashion retailing business model (where 66% of the final price goes to distribution).



MIXIMALISTE is a small but dedicated team who knows fashion & technology inside out. Our founders come from Fashion, Business and Technology backgrounds and this is what gives MIXIMALISTE its unique and forward thinking approach. Our extended team and advisers are fashion & tech insiders: designers, developers, researchers and creatives who inform and support our approach for the benefit of customers and designers. Bringing together both the best design picks, and the latest technology makes possible the production of meaningful, relevant and exciting 3D CGI interactive content.